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The protection that comes with CCTV comes in many forms. Naturally, prevention of theft will be number one on any Investor’s list. The latest video surveillance technology offers more than just the ability to view a crime after it’s been committed, our CCTV systems help deter people from targeting your business as well as help you solve a wide variety of problems across your whole company in many areas. CCTV can be integrated with existing systems to enhance the security of your property. With an integrated system, there are almost endless possibilities to what tasks your CCTV cameras can be programmed to carry out. The benefits of installing CCTV systems for business are huge:

Property Protection

Surveillance cameras stream video in real-time and can be installed literally anywhere. With multiple surveillance cameras, it’s possible to monitor every inch of your property on one computer monitor or on your smart device. Advanced cameras can autonomously fix on, zoom in and track anybody they perceive during day and night. The video can show you sharp and clear image of face, license plate or any important detail which you require. Your facility, stock, equipment, cash and other goods all can be protected against robbery and burglary with much ease.

Workplace Protection

The presence of CCTV alone can deter problems within the workplace. With monitoring in place and visible cameras in operation any company can protect employers and employees from claims and criminal activity. CCTV on your business premises helps you to ensure the safety of staff and visitors across your site. Maintaining internal and external surveillance significantly enhances the feeling of safety among your customers and guests as well as improves staff behaviour and performance towards the client.


CCTV gives you protection against liabilities. Video evidence provides backup in the event of illegal activity or incident. High quality images can show clearly what happened in the event of a claim. With CCTV footage, disputes or claims can be quickly verified and resolved bringing both criminal and insurance cases to a close very fast.

Marketing research

CCTV can help your company generate greater revenue by giving you a better understanding of your customers behaviour. Your marketing department can use the video and transaction data to better serve your customers. Video from your retail locations can help your marketing team better target consumers and improve traffic flow, as well as may inspire you to conduct appropriate trainings of your staff to improve the service

Digital video storage

Your data can be stored on on-site servers as well as on a cloud-based server. Video data can be stored at a location with multi-level security access, while local access can be limited to the appropriate people. This structure simplifies day-to-day management efforts, simplifies staffing issues and facilitates the process of getting the right data very fast. In the area of data storage we design a tailored solution for each project.

Mobile view

CCTV systems enable you to securely view your internal and external camera images from a smart device such as phone, ipad or watch anywhere in the world. Alerts will encourage you to view the CCTV when the system detects unusual activity. You will be able to monitor multiple properties at the same time, enabling CCTV and door entry monitoring of all your buildings from the same device. Mobile control of CCTV and your integrated smart system is the feature that makes you have maximum enjoyment and peace of mind out of your investment.

Before installing CCTV cameras, it’s crucial to consider how your CCTV will be most effective for you, your building, and those inside. Our Team will be happy to come to your premises and recommend the perfect security solution based on your circumstances.

CCTV Systems in Warsaw

To ensure security, we increasingly turn to advanced solutions aimed at protecting properties—whether residential or commercial—against external threats. One such solution is the implementation of monitoring systems, including intelligent monitoring that integrates monitoring and security functions with a range of other tasks. This not only safeguards the property from unwanted visitors and vandalism but also enhances user comfort.

Our approach to designing and implementing monitoring systems for residential and business properties focuses on modern technologies and subsystem integration within larger systems. These systems include intelligent alarm systems, home lighting, and smart external shutters. Integration of these subsystems, among other possibilities, allows for the automation of a group of processes that enhance comfort when at home and create the impression of occupancy during absence, thereby deterring potential burglars.

Intelligent Monitoring System

We strive to ensure that our intelligent monitoring system is efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. These qualities are achieved through the use of modern technologies and high-quality components, such as night-vision cameras that record movement without the need for lighting, making the monitoring system discreet, energy-efficient, and comfortable for residents.

Investors interested in implementing an intelligent monitoring system are encouraged to explore our offer in detail. EMEREST delivers high-quality solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the most demanding users. We design and install monitoring systems for both private clients and businesses, with experience in handling properties of various types.

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