Bezpieczeństwo Mienia, Bezpieczeństwo Danych



We offer you to create an integrated security system that combines available technical solutions in such a way that data verification, notifications and alerting about threats take place automatically. From entry barriers, entrance doors, access control, office lighting, monitoring and the company's alarm system to ICT data control, with one application you can control all your security systems easier than ever with the press of a button on your smart device (smartphones, desktop, tablets).

Safety of Data

Data safety and safe storage of information in the world of electronics is the top priority of our work. This translates directly into the safety of our clients. We use solutions of Sophos, Cisco and Ubiquiti to ensure highest standards of our systems. Above all we place the greatest emphasis on the confidentiality of all information regarding our projects and our Clients.

Smart Office

Nowadays, the most important thing for any company is to have a well-designed computer network. The priority is to implement structural networks and cover the entire office with a wireless network that will cope with heavy loads and many users connected at the same time. Another extremely important factor facilitating the work of your business is the integration of security, CCTV and access control systems. All controlled from a mobile app on your smart device such as smartphones, desktop or tablets. Innovative solutions to workplace challenges have a very good impact on improving the management of various areas of your business. Depending on what you need, they help you to manage heating and lighting, conferencing systems, work quality control and many other factors.

Conferencing Systems

Smart Conferencing Systems bring intelligent technology into the meeting room. Smart technology which controls audio distribution, video distribution, lighting, heating and access control create the best in-room working environment for you and it can become a showcase of your company. We offer projection systems and microphone systems that will enable you to conduct most sophisticated presentations. It is also available to bring participants of the meeting into the room remotely using IP streams and cameras and conduct best class virtual conferences.

Hotels / Restaurants

An extremely important success factor for the hotel and restaurant industry is to create a friendly and unique atmosphere that will make your customers love this place. Even before entering the building, when guests drive up to the facility, the play of lights and soft music may make them irresistible to enter. The use of intelligent solutions not only makes a good impression on customers and creates a great experience for them, but also allows you to ensure safety and improve work in a professional way. We offer the integration of Lighting, Audio & Video, CCTV, Wi-Fi, and Security systems to facilitate your work and create a unique and pleasant atmosphere for your guests. And above all, we can help you save energy and reduce costs by integrating systems such as intelligent lighting, temperature control and watering in your facility.

Fitness / Spa

Customer satisfaction will be a natural consequence of use of Smart systems in your Spa or Gym. Automatic control of temperature, air conditioning, lighting or Audio & Video systems are just some of the amenities that you get with the inclusion of modern technologies in your business. We offer centralized control of all systems for Swimming Pools, Spas, Fitness and Sports Halls.

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