Generatory Prądu

We offer our Clients the installation of power generators. This allows you to keep electrical devices and electronics working during a power cut. It is a solution recommended by us, that allows you to generate power for all the household appliances, the Internet, air conditioning, lighting and heating during the network failure. Above all, however, it is an extremely helpful device when it comes to the operation of the CCTV system and burglar alarm in the event of an attempted burglary or assault. It is common for criminals to cut off power to the facility before they break in. With an independent source of electricity, the operation of the CCTV and alarm systems remains uninterrupted.

Power generators are an independent source of electricity and are autonomous sets independent of access to the electrical network. Thanks to this, they are perfect for locations remote from the network and all places where there are interruptions or disruptions in electricity supply. The aggregates are managed from the website, where it is possible to remotely monitor them and control the electrical network.

Systemy Zasilania Awaryjnego

We build extensive emergency power systems. These are systems of devices used to protect selected receivers against disturbances in the power supply from the power grid, which could result in a disturbance or interruption of their operation. The choice of an emergency power supply system depends on the purpose of the facility, the structure of the electrical installation, device configuration, power of powered devices and the required safety level.

The task of uninterruptible power supply systems is to guarantee the safety of people, property and data. Depending on the demand, emergency power supply is provided for key devices such as servers, alarm systems, CCTV, device drives, medical equipment and others. We use UPS, power generators and control automation in various combinations. All this to ensure that the power supply is switched unnoticed by the receiver, while ensuring the possibility of long-term autonomous operation of the devices in the absence of voltage in the main power source.

After reviewing the specifications of your property, the Emerest team in cooperation with equipment suppliers will develop a tailor-made power installation project for your needs.

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