Smart Home Lighting


They find application both in security systems and as components enhancing residential comfort. Depending on the needs and requirements, smart lighting can be installed indoors or outdoors. Indoor smart lighting systems primarily focus on providing maximum comfort to residents while ensuring high energy efficiency. Outdoor smart lighting allows for the creation of lighting scenes that make spending time in the garden very enjoyable. Specific parts of the garden, terrace, building, or pathways are illuminated in selected colors at given intensities. You can create fairy-tale sceneries that will make you want to spend long evenings outdoors in your beautiful garden of lights.

Smart Lighting Systems at Home

When designing smart lighting systems for homes, we create solutions aimed at improving comfort by adjusting the lighting to the family’s daily rhythm. Adjusting lighting in the form of scenes with different intensities, colors, and temperatures significantly enhances the comfort of spending time in your home. Different lighting is needed for cooking, working, and playing, while other lighting is required for relaxation, evening movie sessions, or social gatherings. Individual lighting scenes can be programmed or manually adjusted based on spontaneous needs. A significant convenience for the entire family is the ability to control switches and light intensity through a phone application.

We use modern technologies and innovative solutions that allow us to better tailor home lighting to the actual needs of residents. One of the solutions we implement in our systems is KNX. Such solutions can automatically adjust the lighting level based on the availability of natural light or be programmed to turn off when no one is in the room.

Smart Lighting Around the House

Smart lighting systems for outdoor use have two main functions: creating a pleasant ambiance for spending time on the terrace and in the garden, and enhancing property security. On one hand, they make it easier to return home after dark; on the other hand, they reduce the risk of unwanted guests entering the property. Smart lighting for the house and property can be an integral part of a smart security system, combining functions such as property monitoring, danger warning, and presence simulation. An additional advantage of smart lighting is the ability to create beautiful light scenes that make time spent on the terrace more enjoyable.

At EMEREST, we provide a comprehensive approach to home automation, designing and implementing complex smart home systems that integrate selected installations and devices within the home and its immediate surroundings. This approach delivers functional solutions that directly impact the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of the property. We encourage you to explore our offer in detail and get in touch with us.